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Formed in 2021 by Dr Simon de Graaf, Professor of Animal Reproduction at The University of Sydney and Secretary General of the International Congress on Animal Reproduction, The Reproduction Company is a specialist consultancy for the Artificial Breeding Industry. We provide state-of-the-art semen assessment services for the livestock and companion animal sectors,  education and training in artificial breeding laboratory techniques (such as semen freezing) as well as expert advice to improve outcomes at semen  production centres and to AI and ET practitioners.


Our Director, Professor Simon de Graaf has 20 years of experience conducting research, education and consulting in the university and artificial breeding sectors and has established a network of standardised semen assessment centres for the rapid analysis of samples from clients located on the East or West coasts of Australia.

Please get in touch if you would like to establish robust quality control testing of semen produced at your artificial breeding centre or if you require any assistance to level-up your animal reproduction know-how. 

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